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Marketing Copy

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Rival Health for Companies

Consumer education and promotional brochure for Rival Health (PDF)

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Rival Health for Colleges and Universities

Consumer education and promotional brochure for Rival Health (PDF)


“Make Your Workforce More Productive With An Employee Wellness Program”

Blog post for Rival Health (PDF)

Web Writing


“Going Dutch: Trying Out the Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven”

Product review and testimonial (PDF)


“Dining in San Francisco: The Standouts”

Capsule restaurant reviews (PDF)


“Ebelskiver: It’s Danish for Delicious”

Recipe plus information (PDF)


Employed for Life cover 200x300

Employed for Life (PDF)

Peter Lang, 2014
A guide to the turbulent world of 21st-century employment, Employable for Life combines research, surveys, and advice from recruiters and successful job hunters to help individuals thrive in the age of do-it-yourself career planning.


Women Lead: Career Perspectives from Workplace Leaders (PDF)

Peter Lang, 2013, 272 pages
A thoughtful and meticulously researched examination of how and why women have become so successful, Women Lead distills the wisdom of over 200 female leaders into a readable and inspiring volume.


Vital Signs: Educating Tomorrow’s Nurses (PDF)

University of Phoenix, 2011, 111 pages
In today’s constantly evolving healthcare industry, nurses have more career options and need more education than ever before. Vital Signs proves why.


Doctoral Journeys: Scholars Making a Difference in the Workplace and Society (PDF)

University of Phoenix, 2011, 96 pages
Graduate school can mean more than spending years in the library. As Doctoral Journeys shows, students pursuing practitioner doctorates combine study and work and achieve some startling results.


Manufacturing the Future: Education for a Changing Industry (PDF)

University of Phoenix, 2011, 96 pages
Counter to the stereotype that manufacturing is largely an industry for low-skilled workers, Manufacturing the Future reveals that the sector is technologically advanced and in need of educated employees.


Extraordinary Commitment (PDF)

University of Phoenix, 2010, 98 pages
The majority of today’s undergraduates are not 18-to-22-year-old residential students, but working adults juggling employment, school, and family responsibilities. Extraordinary Commitment shares their stories.

Book Chapters

Society 3.0

Society 3.0: How Technology is Reshaping Education, Work and Society
Chapter 2: New Learners

Peter Lang, 2012


Critical Conditions cover

Critical Conditions: Preparing the 21st-Century Nursing Workforce (PDF)


bryan cover

“John Bryan: Research Brings Conflict-Torn Uganda Hope for a More Peaceful Future.” (PDF)

baby boomers image

“Baby Boomers: Changing the Face of Retirement through Second Careers and Higher Education”


IAR appeal letter image  

2013 Holiday Appeal Letter for Independent Animal Rescue

This letter, which raised more than $30,000 in donations, was distributed through direct mail and e-mail to Independent Animal Rescue’s subscriber list.